Last modified: 5 June 2019

Privacy policy

1. Cookies

1.w. This website writes to the "local storage" of the browser to indicate that the cookie message has been shown. This value contains no personally identifiable information.

1.g. This website uses Google Analytics to understand how it is used. Google Analytics uses a number of cookies to achieve this. These cookies contain no personally identifiable information.

2. Information collected

2.1. Web activity

2.1.g. Pages visited and certain events, e.g. clicks on links and buttons, are recorded by Google Analytics.

2.2. Technology

2.2.g. Google Analytics records technological information including the type of the browser, and network address when the site is accessed. This includes no personally identifiable information.

2.3. Contact and personal information

2.3.x. There is currently no facility to collect or record contact or personal information.

3. Information storage and retention

3.g. Information collected as detailed in 2.1.g, 2.2.g is stored on servers maintained by Google and is retained for at most 26 months.

4. Contact

For any enquiries, please use the text box below.