Cheap red dining and living room chairs

We search multiple retailers to find you the best and cheapest red dining and living room chairs. Use the one-stop shop for all your furniture needs.

MAMMUT Children's chair, in/outdoor, red

$17 from IKEA

Width: 39 cm
Height: 67 cm
Depth: 36 cm

MAMMUT Children's cheap red chair - in/outdoor/red. Ideal for small children to sit at and play, draw, do crafts or set the table for a cosy picnic in the garden. The furniture is light but steady, and your child can carry them from room to room or out into the garden. Recommended for ages 3 – 6 years.

KARLJAN Chair, red, Kabusa red

$49 from IKEA

Width: 49 cm
Height: 81 cm
Depth: 55 cm

KARLJAN cheap red Chair - red/Kabusa red. You can sit comfortably for a long time at the table since the angle of the backrest provides good lumbar support. Upholstered backrest provides good support for your back. Upholstered cheap red chair seat distributes your body weight and reduces pressure on the sitting bone.

FRÖSET Easy chair, Red stained oak veneer

$99 from IKEA

Width: 59 cm
Height: 74 cm
Depth: 57 cm

FRÖSET Easy cheap red chair - red stained oak veneer. Comfort is built into the geometry of this easy cheap red chair – the generous and slightly bent seat, the rounded shape of the backrest and the angle between them that helps you to sit relaxed. 10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.

STRANDMON Wing chair, Nordvalla red

$259 from IKEA

Width: 82 cm
Height: 101 cm
Depth: 96 cm

STRANDMON Wing chair - Nordvalla red. You can really loosen up and relax in comfort because the high back on this chair provides extra support for your neck. 10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.

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