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TIPHEDE Rug, flatwoven, black/natural, 155x220 cm


Width: 220 cm
Height: 1 cm
Depth: 155 cm

TIPHEDE Rug, flatwoven, black/natural, 155x220 cm A versatile rug made from recycled cotton, in colours that fit right in. It’s perfect under your dining table, in the living room or by your bed. When it’s time for a fresh-up, just put it in the wash. Perfect for 220cm wide spaces.

Marlow Floor Mat Rugs Soft Shaggy Rug Large Area Carpet Hallway Mats 76x213cm


Width: 213 cm
Height: 1 cm
Depth: 76 cm

Nothing shows that you have made it like a stylish large rug adorning your lounge room. Your little ones with love rolling around on the rug and playing with their toys. No more scraped knees. Use your floor rug to turn your boring floor into a covered masterpiece. Have a nice new outdoor rug, kitchen rug, bathroom rug and more. Your 10mm thick rug can slot into any room with ease. Cold floors are the bane of your feet in winter. Your nice new area rug will serve you well. Walk on a comfy rug instead of cold concrete or tiles. Or just lie down and relax. Walk on your rug week in, week out. If it gets dirty, just take the top off and clean it in the washing machine. It won’t shed and is fade resistant as well. So easy to care for. Much easier than babies. Use your stunning rug, not just as a visual centrepiece but to dampen sounds. Nobody wants noise coming out of the bedroom. Dull and mute all kinds of sounds. Double-sided polyester does the job. Key Features. Removable and machine washable top. Non-slip base. Easy to clean. Short pile rug. Smooth velvet touch. No shedding. Skin-friendly. Fade-resistant. Water-repellent. SPECIFICATION: Brand: Marlow. Material: Polyester. Top density: 750gsm. Bottom density: 850gsm. Thickness: 10mm. Dimension (L x W): 76cm x 213cm. Colour: Refer to gallery. PACKAGE CONTENT: 1x Marlow Dual Layer Floor Rug. Perfect for 220cm wide spaces.

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