Shallow 35 cm deep computer and PC desks

Buy a shallow computer desk that is 35 cm deep by width, height and depth and price. Results from multiple outlets to fit a small office.

The average price of computer and PC desks in this section is 139.00 Australian dollars. Most of the computer and PC desks that match your search are priced between $27.99 and 250 Australian dollars. This means that 90% of the products are between the two figures. Check whether an item you like is overpriced or underpriced by comparing it to the median price. For the computer and PC desks here the median is $250, that is, 50% of them is priced above this, and 50% below.

HEMNES Add-on unit desk, white stain, 152x63 cm

Width: 152 cm
Height: 63 cm
Depth: 25 cm

Recommended for 35cm deep spaces. You can make room for a computer monitor or extra storage by adjusting the middle shelf. Built-in cable management for collecting cables and cords; out of sight but close at hand. white stain 152x63 cm. Solid wood is a long-lasting natural material. HEMNES Add-on unit shallow depth computer desk.

Foldable Laptop Stand Table Desk Computer Adjustable Table Black

Width: 60 cm
Height: 40 cm
Depth: 28 cm

Ideal for 35 cm deep spaces. 1.Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3cm error, thank you. Size: 60x28x40cm. ●With a cup slot, you can put a cup, not simple to knock over. ●With a card slot for tablet PC. ●Foldable, convenient, not occupying space. Application: bed shallow table. ●1 x folding small depth table. ●Long service life, sturdy. ●Slip cotton pad design. ●Rounded edges, safe. ●Strong bearing...

How do I measure the space to fit a computer desk in?
Measure both the width and the depth of the floor area where you'd like to place a computer desk. The easiest way is to use a measuring tape. Hold the start down at the edge of the area, and let it run to the other edge. Make sure the tape is not diagonal, or else you get a value larger than the reality. If the distance is larger than what you can stretch to with your arms, ask someone else for help, or divide what you need to measure up into multiple parts. You can do this by either holding the tape down halfway and continuing running it while letting the first end go, or by marking how far you have measured on the floor or wall, and start a new measurement. If you would not like to draw on your floor, try putting down a pointy object like a pencil there. Make sure to avoid dead places where the piece of furniture won't go like electric sockets. Also it may be necessary to measure how high the space is wherever the ceiling is uneven like in loft rooms.
From the history of furniture: Desks And Secretaries Part 5

There are other desks also, dainty affairs if for" use, standing on tall, slender legs, with sliding or tam bour " tops, as they were called, and a wealth of little drawers and cupboards, both revealed and secret. I know of one such which has recently been brought down mm from many and become the seclusion in the attic, furbished up, proud possession of a brand-new bride. But it lacks the elegance of olden days, for the modern cabinet-maker could not repair the tambour, an arrange ment of slender bits of wood which were so fixed that they were flexible — something like the modern roller- top desk.

These pieces were and always are the rare exceptions; and though they are occasionally found, they cannot be considered really representative of the furniture of our forefathers any more than the superb pieces shown in the last illustration.

It must forever remain a matter of regret that the best makers did not in some way mark their produc tions. Even had they done so, the study would not have proved of surprising ease, since there would always have been the fanciful maker who indulged his caprices, to cope with. With what delight we seize upon a piece which is dated, like one of the Bible boxes given early in this chapter; and with what regret we leave the unnamed and undated pieces as to whose exact time of construction hardly two people agree. In the study of French furniture, after the middle of the eighteenth century, the task became far simpler, for among sump tuary and other useless laws time was found to make an enactment which bade, in 1751, the maitre ebeniste to stamp all his work. In the great museums of France, where many of the art treasures are gathered, there are also examples of furniture stamped with the maker's name; and among the choicest are writing-tables, desks, mm and cabinets, all of the greatest beauty and elegance.

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How can I order the shallow 35 cm deep computer and PC desks by price?

On every search page there is the option to sort the results by price (ascending or descending), or relevance. Click on the drop-down button just above the first computer desk, after "Order by", to change the ordering. Ordering by relevance shows the computer desk at the top that contains most of the search terms, while ordering by price shows the least expensive or most expensive computer desk first. You can set the ordering to "Price: low to high" to see the cheapest shallow 35 cm deep computer and PC desks on Furniture Ferret.

Is it possible to search for computer and PC desks using their width, height and length?

Finding computer and PC desks in search engines on the Internet by measurements is not easy as search engines are best at finding text only. Also, when searching for computer and PC desks to fit a given space, somewhat narrower items would also suit. Even if some shops allow searching for computer and PC desks by measurements, searching many webshops at the same time needs a different solution. Furniture Ferret to the rescue! We scour many shops on the web and list tens of thousands of products to let you get the one that fits perfectly.

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We strive to allow every one of us to live comfortably even if they only own a small space they call home. We scour the Internet for thousands of desks, cabinets, shelves, storage units, beds, tables, sofas and so on by size, to find just the right one to go under the stairs to finally get a dressing corner, or to find that extra long sofa that is still narrow enough to squeeze through the bedroom door. From the hall to the bathroom, don't live around furniture - buy furniture that lives with you.

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