The Top 18 Design Blogs for 2023 (That are still updating)

All of these blogs are available on Furniture Ferret Reader, where we categories their posts so you can find whatever you are looking for be it a kitchen, hallway or living room project. So, here we go, in no particular order:

  1. Ideal Home is a website that focuses on all things related to home decor, interior design, and renovation projects. The website offers a wide range of articles on various home styles, trends, and DIY projects that can help you transform your living space into something beautiful and functional. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to spruce up your living room, create a stylish kitchen, or design a cozy bedroom, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on this website. In addition to design inspiration, the website also features product reviews and buying guides that can help you make informed decisions when shopping for home decor and furniture. They also offer expert advice from industry professionals, so you can learn from the best in the business.
  2. One of the things I love about Real Homes is that they feature real homes from all around the world. You can browse through beautiful home tours and get ideas for your own living space. They also offer expert advice on everything from buying a house to tackling DIY projects.
  3. If you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your living space, The Spruce has plenty of articles on interior design, home renovation, and DIY projects. They also offer product reviews and buying guides to help you find the best home decor and furniture for your needs and budget. In addition to home-related content, The Spruce also provides advice on a range of lifestyle topics. They offer tips on cooking and entertaining.
  4. One of the things I love about Centsational Style is that they offer tutorials on how to upcycle furniture and decor items, so you can give new life to old pieces and create a unique and personalized living space. They also provide recommendations for affordable home decor and furniture, so you can find stylish and functional pieces that won’t break the bank. Another great feature of Centsational Style is their travel section, where they share beautiful travel destinations and tips for planning affordable vacations.
  5. Coco Cozy is a stunning blog due to the beautiful imagery they feature. The website showcases stunning homes and design ideas from around the world, so you can get inspiration for your own living space. They also offer tutorials and DIY projects for those who want to tackle home decor on their own. Coco Cozy also has an online shop where you can purchase stylish and unique home decor items, from throw pillows and blankets to furniture and lighting. The shop is curated with an eye for timeless design and high-quality craftsmanship, so you can trust that anything you purchase will be a beautiful addition to your home.
  6. RoomDecorationDIY is a website that provides ideas and inspiration for DIY room decor projects. The website features a variety of articles on interior design, DIY tutorials, and budget-friendly ideas for decorating your living space. They offer a wide range of DIY projects that are accessible to people with different levels of crafting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out, there are plenty of projects on the website that you can tackle.
  7. Emily May Designs is a website that focuses on interior design and home decor, and it’s run by Emily May, who is a UK-based interior stylist and blogger. Her website is full of inspiring design ideas and helpful tips and tricks for creating beautiful and functional living spaces. Emily’s website also features a blog where she shares her latest design projects, as well as tips and tricks for decorating on a budget, upcycling furniture, and creating a stylish home that reflects your personal style.
  8. Maison de Pax is run by Rachel Paxton, who is a designer and blogger based in Texas. Rachel’s website features a blog where she shares her latest design projects, as well as lots of inspiration and ideas for home decor and DIY projects. Her style is elegant and timeless, with lots of natural textures and neutral colors that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  9. The Inspired Room is a website that focuses on interior design, home decor, and DIY projects. It’s run by Melissa Michaels, who is a talented designer and blogger with a knack for creating warm, inviting living spaces that feel like home. If you’re someone who loves interior design and home decor, or if you’re just looking for inspiration and guidance to create a beautiful living space, The Inspired Room is definitely worth checking out.
  10. House Beautiful offers a wealth of inspiration and ideas for decorating your home. The website is full of gorgeous photos and articles that showcase the latest design trends, as well as timeless styles that never go out of fashion. House Beautiful also features a range of articles and guides that offer practical advice and tips for decorating on a budget, creating a cohesive design scheme, and choosing the right colors and textures to create the perfect atmosphere in your home.
  11. There are several reasons why you should read ELLE Decor if you’re interested in interior design and home decor. ELLE Decor is known for featuring stunning and inspirational photos of beautifully designed homes and spaces. The magazine has a strong focus on high-end and luxurious design, so you’ll find plenty of gorgeous interiors to admire and draw inspiration from.
  12. Apartment Therapy is known for its practical and accessible approach to decorating. The website offers plenty of inspiration and ideas for creating beautiful living spaces, but it also emphasizes the importance of functionality and practicality. You will find lots of tips and tricks for decorating on a budget, maximizing storage space, and creating a home that works for your lifestyle. Another great thing about Apartment Therapy is its focus on small-space living.
  13. Cassandra LaValle’s blog is known for its focus on design, style, and lifestyle. Cassandra LaValle is an interior designer and stylist, and her blog is filled with inspiring ideas for decorating your home. She features a mix of modern and traditional styles, so you’re likely to find something that fits your taste. From color schemes to furniture and decor choices, her blog will give you a wealth of ideas for creating a beautiful and functional space.
  14. Decorilla’s blog features a range of design styles and projects, from small apartment makeovers to luxury home renovations. You can browse through the site’s extensive collection of before-and-after photos to get ideas for your own space. Expert Advice: Decorilla’s team of professional interior designers share their knowledge and expertise on a range of topics, from color palettes to furniture selection to lighting design. You’ll learn tips and tricks that you can apply to your own decorating projects.
  15. Cocolapine Design is a blog and online shop that features minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired home decor and interior design. The site is run by a Belgian blogger and designer named Sarah Van Peteghem, who has a passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces. The blog portion of the site features a range of design inspiration, including home tours, DIY projects, and product reviews. Sarah’s design aesthetic is characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, and a focus on natural materials such as wood, leather, and linen.
  16. Jacquelyn Clark is a lifestyle and interior design blog run by Jacquelyn Clark, a Toronto-based designer and stylist. The blog features a clean and minimalist design that reflects Jacquelyn’s signature aesthetic. She often shares her design philosophy of “less is more” and focuses on incorporating natural materials, neutral colors, and simple lines into her designs.
  17. Young House Love is a home renovation and design blog run by a couple, John and Sherry Petersik. If you’re someone who enjoys home renovation and design, Young House Love can be a great resource for ideas and inspiration. The blog offers detailed tutorials and tips on a wide range of DIY projects, and the Petersiks are known for their budget-friendly approach to home improvement.
  18. Home Designing is a popular online resource for all things related to home design and architecture. The website features a variety of content, including home tours, design ideas, and DIY projects, as well as articles on interior design trends and decorating tips. The site’s focus is on showcasing beautiful, functional, and innovative design ideas for the home, with a particular emphasis on modern and contemporary design.