Help to get you to the right place

We have rolled out a new feature to get you to the right furniture shops even if you land on a page for a different country. All computers and devices on the internet have a special address, and it’s often possible to guess what country the device is in from this address. We now use this, and system to match the pages in different countries, like 80cm wide desks in the UK and 80cm wide desks in Australia, to get you to the right place. Happy shopping!


The start of our blog

We are excited to launch the Furniture Ferret Blog, where we include updates about our platform, information from our friends and partners, and news from the world of home and furniture.

As the first piece of news, we are happy to have started the work to expand our services to Spain. There is still much to do, but the first pages are already up and running with a small selection of products.