Where to find 65 inch wide desks?

Search for a desk that is 65 inches (5 ft. 5 in) wide by size or price. Search multiple shops for furniture to make the most of any office.

Nailed Desk
at ModernFurniture.ca

Width: 64 in
Height: 30 in
Depth: 24 in

Perfect for 65in (5 ft. 5 in) wide spaces. The live edge of high quality acacia wood makes the Nailed Desk a eye-catching addition to your office design plan. Its large tabletop displays the natural variances in wood grain and knots that make each desk unique. Iron hairpin legs accompany the mid century trendy design, elevating the desk's float

How do I search on Furniture Ferret?
Searching on Furniture Ferret is easy. Tap on the search button in the top right corner, then edit or add any keywords you would like to search for, like "bed", "shoe storage" or "yellow sofa". Use the sliders to specify the minimum and maximum values for the width, height and depth (length) and the price you are looking for. Click on "Go!" to see all matching items. Easy!
Eastwood Executive Desk - Grey
at Leon's

Width: 64 in
Height: 32 in
Depth: 23.75 in

Ideal as a 65 inch wide desk. Ash veneers are enhanced by the rich grey finish, and create a classic, understated look that is sure to fit any decor. Suitable for creating a dedicated workspace, the Eastwood Executive desk has lots of storage and style.

Tamworth Executive Desk - Grey
at Furniture.ca

Width: 64 in
Height: 32 in
Depth: 23.75 in

Great if you are looking for a 65 inch wide desk. Ash veneers are enhanced by the rich grey finish, and create a classic, understated look that is sure to fit any decor. ‚ÄčIdeal for creating a dedicated workspace, the Tamworth Executive desk comes with lots of storage and style.

How can I search for desks by width, height and length?
Finding desks in search engines on the web by measurements is not easy as search engines are best at finding text only. Also, when searching for desks to fit a given space, slightly shallower items would also suit. Even if some shops allow searching for desks by size, checking many webshops at the same time needs a different solution. This is where Furniture Ferret comes to the rescue. Our systems scan many shops and index tens of thousands of products to allow you to get the one that fits perfectly.
How can I order the 65 inch wide desks by price?
On the result pages one can choose to order the results by their price (ascending or descending), or relevance. Tap on the button just above the first item, after "Order by", to change the ordering. Ordering by relevance shows the desk first that matches most of the search terms, while ordering by price will show the cheapest or most expensive desk first. You can set the ordering to "Price: low to high" to see the cheapest 65 inch wide desks on Furniture Ferret.
How do I know if a desk is for a good price?
The average price of desks here is $1,715.67. Most of the desks in this category cost between 1,399 Canadian dollars and $2,249. Only 10% of products cost more or less than these two values. You can check whether an item you like is overpriced or underpriced by comparing it to the median price. For the desks here the median is 1,499 Canadian dollars, that is, 50% of them is priced above this, and 50% below.
From the history of furniture: Desks And Secretaries Part 4

I should place the bureau in Figure 277 at least ten years later, but a fine and interesting piece. Within the year I have seen five bureau desks of similar style, all gathered in central New York State. They are not common in the antique shops, which make them even more desirable.

Speaking about these deep side-drawers in both side boards and bureaus, Sheraton says:

"The drawer on the left is generally plain, but sometimes divided into two portions, the back division being lined with baize to hold plates, having a cover hinged to enclose the whole. The front division is lined with lead, so that it may hold water to wash glasses, which may be made to take out, or have a plug-hole to let out the dirty water. The left-hand drawer is, however, sometimes made very short, to give place to a pot- cupboard behind, which opens by a door in the end of the side-

\\ 1'V 1 "" II ^H board or desk. This door is made to hide itself in the end rail as much as possible, both for look and secrecy; for which reason a turn-buckle is not used, but a thumb-spring, which catches at the bottom of the door, and has a communication through the rail, so that by touch of the finger the door flies open, owing to the resistance of a common spring fixed to a rabbet which the door falls against. This cupboard can only be placed in these pieces of furniture which are square at the ends."

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Questions and answers

How can one coordinate colors?

The color scheme in your room can be a result of necessity, but it has a great effect on the feelings you get from your space. The two things to consider for everything color is balance and associations. Balance simply means that the colors in your room should be coordinated in some way, so that the space looks like a unit instead of a random collection of elements. Usual techniques to achieve this are considering a color wheel, and going for colors that are either quite close to each other (as colors that are only different in lightness or intensity do go together, but small variations in hue can also be fine), or relatively far, like on opposite sides of the wheel (giving you complementary colors like red and green). Other color combinations are likely be somewhat jarring just based on how our eyes and brains understand color. Associations with and emotions connected to colors are equally important, and there is no shortage of guides for these from those by 19th-century Impressionist painters to modern interior design guides. It is quite probable that these emotions are cultural and learnt, which means that they can be quite different in different cultures or for different people. The associations can even be contradictory, making it even more difficult to use them as a guide. Blue is often associated with productivity, but also stability, calmness and even sadness. Green is clearly the color of nature, and is said to be associated with safety, luck and envy (though in other cultures this latter is yellow instead). White can be connected to peacefulness, innocence, cleanliness and emptiness, and, for example, mourning in India. Red is considered to be the color of friendship, willpower, leadership, desire and anger - a very wide range of emotions. But it is clear that in nature, it signals danger or importance, so it should be put next to a calm color to allow the eye to rest. These emotions point in so many directions that these guides all seem to boil down to just this: pause and consider what the color means for you.

What is the best way to measure the space to fit a desk in?

Measure the width and the depth of the space where you'd like to put a desk. The easiest way is to use a measuring tape. Hold the start of the tape down at the edge of the area, and let it run to the opposite edge. If the distance is larger than what you can stretch to with your arms, ask someone else for help, or split the distance into multiple parts. This can be done by either holding the tape down partway through and continuing running it while letting the first end go, or by marking how far you measured on the floor or wall, and reposition the tape to complete the measurement. If you want to avoid drawing on the floor, you can position a pointy object like a screwdriver there instead. You should avoid dead places where the piece of furniture won't go like skirting boards. Also it may be necessary to measure how high the space is wherever the ceiling is low.

Our philosophy

We strive to allow everyone to live comfortably even if they only own a small space they call home. We scour the Internet for thousands of desks, cabinets, shelves, storage units, beds, tables, sofas and so on by size, to find just the right one for you to go under the stairs to finally get a dressing corner, or to find that extra long bed that is still narrow enough to squeeze through the door. From the kitchen to the bedroom, don't live around furniture - get furniture that lives with you.

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