What is the best place to buy a 85cm deep PC desk?

We search dozens of shops to find 85cm deep computer and PC desks to fit your Home. See all the results below. We hope you'll find what you're looking for. Here you can also search for many different types of furniture, bathroom fixtures and white goods by size, style and price.


Width: 145 cm
Height: 76 cm
Depth: 81 cm

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Ideal as a 85cm deep PC desk. Durable particle board table-top is covered in a textured finish for a standout look. room for two screens/monitors, keyboard, work/gaming essentials, whilst giving you a lot of freedom to work and play. 'L' shape design gives more working space than your average table. The frame is made for metal for a solid base, supporting up to 50 kg. Buy from Aosom UK.


Width: 150.5 cm
Height: 75 cm
Depth: 80 cm

The toughened glass has been cut into an L shape to maximise work space, whilst the stunning pedestal contains 2 stationery drawers and a filing drawer, all finished with echoing chrome handles. Featuring a modern, smoked glass top on a grey frame, complete with complimenting pedestal in a extraordinary white painted finish, the Cleveland 4 desk is sure to attract attention. Perfect for 85cm deep spaces. Get it at Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 78 cm
Height: 118 cm
Depth: 78 cm

Suits a space 85 cm deep. The height is adjustable between 110-118cm, so you can sit at a level which suits you. It's thickly padded all over, meaning you'll be comfortable all day, with a high back and armrests offering support. There's no slacking on style and function with this HOMCOM work chair. this chair moves around easily, at all times. Complete with a swivel seat and five wheels. Purchase from The Range.


Width: 151 cm
Height: 75 cm
Depth: 80 cm

Height : 750mm. Width : 1510mm. Depth : 800mm. Manufactured from high quality glass and metal material. Cleveland Glass Computer Desk With Grey Frame. Material : Galss, Metal. Finish : Grey. From Elegant Furniture.

How do I order the 85cm deep computer and PC desks by price?

Furniture Ferret: On the result pages one can choose to sort the results by price (ascending or descending), or relevance. Click or tap on the drop-down button just above the first result, after "Order by", to change the ordering. Ordering by relevance will show the PC desk first that matches most of the keywords in the search, while ordering by price shows the least expensive or most expensive PC desk first. Set the ordering to "Price: low to high" to see the cheapest 85cm deep computer and PC desks on Furniture Ferret.

Width: 80 cm
Height: 124 cm
Depth: 76 cm

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Easy and quick to assemble, you'll have a a excellent seat set up in your home or office space in no time. Ergonomic has include the adjustable seat height and back angle, five wheels on the base, a tall back and curved armrests which support you as you work. Wrapped in PU leather, the upholstery is sleek, smooth to the touch and sturdy, with contrasting-colour pipping which stylishly stands out. From Aosom UK.


Width: 120 cm
Height: 60 cm
Depth: 75 cm

An oak effect top stunningly contrasts upon a bright white frame, allowing this pc desk to sit well with a wide range of décor. Height : 60cm. Width : 120cm. Depth : 75cm. Sleek with clean lines, the California desk has a clean, modern design for any working area. Two drawers with eye-catching recessed handles discourage desktop clutter, offering a neat and orderly workspace. Buy from Elegant Furniture.


Width: 139.2 cm
Height: 109 cm
Depth: 84.9 cm

Harvard encapsulates this with a distinct collection of pieces all made from a hard-wearing, easy to clean washed oak woodgrain textured finish which is contrasted with spectacular grey grained effect fronts accentuated with structural effect black metal legs and handles. Contrasted with eye-catching grey grained effect fronts accentuated with structural effect black metal legs and handles. Buy at Elegant Furniture.


Width: 103 cm
Height: 73.5 cm
Depth: 76 cm

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This versatile folding table from HOMCOM is designed to serve 6 people in expending condition and save space in full folded condition. Made from particle board with wide feet for extra stability and wood effect sticker for easy maintenance. It can easily convert by lifing the table top and sliding out the support legs on either site, making it perfect to use as dining table, workstation or a writing pc desk. Shop now at Aosom UK.

How can I find computer and PC desks by width, height and length?

Furniture Ferret: Finding computer and PC desks in search engines on the web by measurements is not easy as search engines are best at finding words only. Also, when searching for computer and PC desks to fit a given space, slightly narrower items would also fit. Even if some webshops allow searching for computer and PC desks by measurements, checking many shops at the same time is time-consuming. Furniture Ferret scan many websites on the Internet and index tens of thousands of items to let you buy the one that fits perfectly.

Width: 160 cm
Height: 75 cm
Depth: 80 cm

UTESPELARE Gaming desk, black, 160x80 cm Raise the large, durable UTESPELARE gaming desk to a height that optimally suits you. The metal mesh at the back of the table top allows air to circulate and cool your PC when the match heats up. Goes well with the matching UTESPELARE gaming chair. Buy at IKEA.


Width: 150 cm
Height: 75.2 cm
Depth: 80 cm

Coming in a variety of colours, these desks are perfect for the home office, and are versatile and fashionable enough to be used throughout the home in your room you choose. In a large design, the Prima computer Desk is perfect for those working from home, needing a large space for arts and crafts and more. With cable tidy holes to keep your computer desk looking neat and organised, this desk is perfect for PC setups. Get it at The Range.


Width: 160 cm
Height: 75 cm
Depth: 80 cm

UTESPELARE Gaming desk, light grey, 160x80 cm Raise the large, robust UTESPELARE gaming desk to a height that optimally suits you. The metal mesh at the back of the table top allows air to circulate and cool your PC when the match heats up. Goes well with the echoing UTESPELARE gaming chair. From IKEA.

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Questions and answers

What is the best colour for a PC desk?

The colour scheme in one's room can be a bit accidental, but it has a great effect on the feelings you get from your home. The two things to consider for everything colour is balance and associations. Balance simply means that the colours in your room should ideally be coordinated in some way, so that the space looks like a unit. Usual techniques to achieve this are considering a colour wheel, and choosing colours that are either quite close to each other, or quite far or on different thirds (for example, cyan-orange-purple). Other colour combinations are likely be somewhat jarring because of how our eyes and brains process colour. Associations with and emotions connected to colours are equally important. In all likelihood these emotions are cultural and learnt, which means that they can be quite different for different individuals. Blue is often associated with productivity, but also calmness, stability and even sadness. Green is clearly the colour of nature, and is considered to be connected to safety, luck and envy (though in other cultures envy is yellow). White can be connected to peacefulness, innocence, cleanliness and emptiness, and, for example, mourning in India. Red is considered to be the colour of friendship, willpower, leadership, desire and anger - a very wide range of emotions. But it is clear that in nature, it means danger or importance, so it should be put next to a neutral colour to allow the brain to rest. These associations point in so many directions that these guides all seem to boil down to just one piece of advice: pause and think what the colour means for you.

How much free space do I need to leave in front of a PC desk?

Placing a PC desk needs a larger area than just that occupied by the item itself, as you will also need about 50-76 cm behind the chair. Keeping this area free means that you can easily push the chair back to get up, or in an office turn around to a cabinet or shelves behind you. Together with the chair, this means keeping a space 100 cm deep free in front of a PC desk. In other words, 85 cm deep computer and PC desks would need a 185 cm deep floor space in total. The reserved room behind the chair doesn't need to be dead space, as it can also be used as the room required to access drawers, shelves or a filing cabinet.

From the history of furniture: Desks and secretaries Part 5

The quiet simplicity of this desk is in marked con trast to the superb pieces shown in Figure 283. Every one of the splendid gilt ornaments on tliese desks is worth careful study.

There was only one man in England, and none here, aaIio could have designed such desks as these, and that was Thomas Hope, whose studies in Greek and Roman antiquities enabled him almost to vie with the ancients in the beauty and grace of his figures. His book, called "Costumes of the Ancients," brought him great fame; it was published about 1807, and remains to this day a source of inspiration to those whose taste leads them to antique models. When he designed furniture it was always after classical forms, and decorated with his incomparable figures and ornaments. While many of his designs were not comfortable to sit or recline upon, they were certainly very beautiful to the eye. There are few such desks as these in this country, or in fact to be found anywhere, and I give these merely as examples of what splendid furniture did find its way Over here.

There are other desks also, dainty affairs if for" use, standing on tall, slender legs, with sliding or tam bour " tops, as they were called, and a wealth of little drawers and cupboards, both revealed and secret. I know of one such which has recently been brought down from many and become the seclusion in the attic, furbished up, proud possession of a brand-new bride. But it lacks the elegance of olden days, for the modern cabinet-maker could not repair the tambour, an arrange ment of slender bits of wood which were so fixed that they were flexible — something like the modern roller- top desk.

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