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Furniture Ferret lets you search online retailes for cream office chairs to fit your office or living room. See all the results below. We hope you'll find what you're looking for. Here you can also buy many different types of furniture, bathroom fixtures and appliances by size, colour and price.


Width: 45 cm
Height: 82 cm
Length: 59 cm

The elegantly stitched square pattern combined with its velvet material and cushion padding give the Camden a stylish and comfortable feel while its metal legs and frame contribute stability and durability to its beautiful design, while the curved back is the definition of elegance, providing your low back or spine enough support for a long term relaxation. Get it from ManoMano UK.


Width: 60 cm
Height: 55 cm
Depth: 55 cm

Providing a lot of comfort and support, the seat also offers a round swivel base, ensuring your little one can move in any direction with ease. Featuring all your favourite characters, the Children’s Marvel Swivel Chair acts as the suitable centrepiece in any home. Its themed print includes the likes of Spider-Man, Thor, and Hulk, whilst its barrel back design easily adds a classic feel to any space. Buy from Happy Beds.


Width: 74 cm
Height: 47 cm
Depth: 46 cm

Whether you're looking for something for home or a new chair for an office, this chair is designed with a sleek, elegant shape wrapped in faux leather. A fashionable addition to your office, this Elegance High Back Office Chair provides you with a comfortable space to get your work done. Made with an adjustable height and rolling wheels, this chair is a classy addition to your space. Get it at The Range.


Width: 70 cm
Height: 124 cm
Depth: 58 cm

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The faux leather upholstery, paired with the large size and supportive back, creates a strong, fashionable look you'll love having in your space. Adjustable height, easy to sit in level with your PC or work desk. The ergonomic chair has a swivel seat, fixed armrests, a tall back, and a thick padded keeping you supported and comfortable. At Aosom UK.

How to measure the space to fit an office chair in?

Furniture Ferret: Measure the width and the depth of the area where you'd like to put an office chair. The easiest way is to use a measuring tape. Hold the beginning of the tape down at the edge of the area, and let it run to the opposite edge. If the distance is larger than what you can stretch to with your arms, ask someone else to help, or divide what you need to measure into multiple parts. This can be done by either holding the tape down halfway and continuing running it while letting the first end go, or by marking how far you measured on the floor or wall, and reposition the tape to complete the measurement. If you would not like to draw on your floor, you can position a pointy object like a screwdriver there instead. Don't forget to avoid dead places where the piece of furniture won't go like electric sockets. Also don't forget to take the height of the space and the item into account wherever the ceiling is low like spaces under the stairs.

Width: 76 cm
Height: 72 cm
Depth: 74 cm

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Dorothy embraces you into its curved frame and then spins you round on its swivel base. A low standing, mid-century cocktail chair with a fun twist. Dorothy Cream, Swivel Chair. Andrew Martin Cream Get it at Andrew Martin.


Width: 50 cm
Height: 47 cm
Depth: 46 cm

Featuring a gull-winged design, a medium-backed seat height, and even free-wheeling functionality, this faux leather office chair is sure to complement any office, home study, or living area in true retro-inspired style. Designed to help provide premium comfort as you undertake your daily everyday tasks, the Elegance Medium-Back Office Chair is sure to come in handy. Get it from The Range.


Width: 68 cm
Height: 114 cm
Depth: 67 cm

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A tall back, which is extra padded at the bottom for added support, reclines back to a maximum 135°; paired with the manual footrest, gives a comfortable spot to rest and take time out. great for relaxing106-114cm adjustable height to work at a level you want. Complete with a wheeled base, this comfortable chair moves around easily. Features:Reclining function: lock the back to any angle, maximum 135°. Buy from Aosom UK.


Width: 53 cm
Height: 78 cm
Depth: 51 cm

Luxury cream bonded leather executive armchair Contrasting brown piping detail “Soft fill” leather faced seat and back Lower lumbar support Wide gull wing armrests with feather soft padding Height adjustable headrest Stylish aluminium base Gas elevate seat height adjustment Reclining function with tilt tension Requires simple self assembly Good stock levels Suggested daily hour usage 8 Hours Seat Height 48-58 cm Seat Depth 51 cm Seat Width 53 cm Back Height 78 cm Back Width 58 cm Back Width... Get it from ManoMano UK.

How can one coordinate colours?

Furniture Ferret: If you have the option to choose between different colours for an office chair that fits your space and budget, it is helpful to know how different colours work together. The two things to consider when it comes to colours is balance and associations. Balance means that the colours should ideally be coordinated in some way, so that the space looks like a unit, and not just a random collection of elements. This can be achieved by using a colour wheel, and selecting colours that are either quite close to each other, or relatively far, like on different halves of the wheel (complementary colours like blue and yellow) or on different thirds (for example, red-green-blue). Other colour combinations are likely be somewhat jarring just based on how our eyes and brains process colour. Associations with and emotions connected to colours are also important, and there is no shortage of guides for these from those by 19th-century Impressionist painters to modern interior design guides. It is quite probable that these emotions are cultural and learnt, which means that they can be quite different for different individuals. Blue is often connected to productivity, but also stability, calmness and even sadness. Green is undoubtedly the colour of nature, and is considered to be connected to safety, luck and envy (though in other cultures this latter is yellow instead). White can be associated with peacefulness, innocence, cleanliness and emptiness, and, for example, mourning in India. Red is regarded as the colour of friendship, willpower, leadership, desire and anger - a very wide range of emotions. But it is clear that in nature, it signals danger or importance, so it should be put next to a neutral colour to allow the eye to rest. These associations are so varied that these guides seem to boil down to just this: pause and see what the colour means for you.

Width: 66 cm
Height: 120 cm
Depth: 65 cm

It has a gas lift, fully reclining tilt mechanism that is adjustable for individual body weight and trendy chrome leather armrests for additional support. A leather faced executive chair with a high backrest and pronounced lumbar support. Height adjustable with locking tilt mechanism with tension control. High backed leather executive chair. Seat height adjustment. Get it at Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 72 cm
Height: 65 cm
Depth: 67 cm

With a themed print, the seat complements a wide range of interiors, whilst its elegant barrel back easily adds a touch of style. Whether curling up with a book or relaxing with the latest games console, the Disney Lion King Swivel Chair is perfect for meeting every need. Delivered pre-assembled, the seat simply needs placing in its intended space and you’re all set! Get it from Happy Beds.


Width: 115 cm
Height: 90 cm
Depth: 115 cm

Product Dimensions: Overall Size H90 x W115 x D115cm Height 90cm Floor to Seat 47cm Depth of Seat 49cm Seat Back Height 50cm A thick seat cushion, tall flared back and a couple of toss pillows rested on a half-moon pared back doubling as an armrest will leave you with nothing to complain about. Generous for one and a cosy for two, this might just be your new favourite seat in the house. At ManoMano UK.


Width: 66 cm
Height: 130 cm
Depth: 65 cm

Houston Faux Leather High Back Executive Office Chair In Cream. Height : 1300mm. Width : 660mm. Depth : 650mm. Manufactured from high quality faux leather material. Material : Faux Leather. Get it from Elegant Furniture.


Width: 80 cm
Height: 107 cm
Depth: 84 cm

This elegant and slender swivel recliner chair is elegantly uphosltered in a cream faux leather and offers considerable seating width and depth as well as an ultra padded core offering superior comfort. The simple reclining function is activated as you lean back and the chair will return to the upright position in a smooth action as you lighten the pressure. Height of Seat (cm): 53 The material is PU. Buy it from Leekes.


Width: 66 cm
Height: 126 cm
Depth: 72 cm

It has high back that will support your spine during busy days at work and during relaxing gaming, as well as it is made from quality faux leather that is breathable and just nice to touch. For added comfort there is a quality padding in the seat and, what is more important, you can adjust the height of the chair using the gas lift mechanism. Buy from ManoMano UK.


Width: 66 cm
Height: 130 cm
Depth: 65 cm

This self-assembly chair is available in various black and cream colourways and comes with traditional tilt mechanism with tension control and height adjustment, making it the suitable addition to any home office space. Featuring a elegantly designed leather back and seat ideally complimented by a chrome feet and armrests, the Houston is a modern executive chair that would look suitable with any décor. Get it from Dunelm.

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From the history of furniture: Chairs and sofas Part 1

One can imagine what grief it caused to Ireland when this sacred stone, endeared by a thousand superstitious ideas, was removed and taken to England.

If you will hunt among old documents, both in this country and in England, you will find frequent mention of "joint stools." I could give many extracts from old wills which specify these stools, and I show one in Figure 64. The cradle does not properly be long in this article, but when I reflected how often a weary mother had sat on that same joint stool and rocked that cradle, I let it stay. It must have been in pretty constant operation in some of those pioneer families, where twelve children were an ordinary num ber, and twenty not very unusual! Such a cradle and such a stool, no doubt, found their way Over in many of the earliest lots of household gear, since, though these patterns were found by 1560, they were made till a century later, and when once part of the house hold goods of a family, descended till they fairly gave out from excessive wear.

Stools were in common use at table till well into the seventeenth century. In an old play called " The Roaring Girl" (1617), when chairs, stools, and cush ions are called for, a chair is called a back-friend, and Sir Adam, who is faAxmred with one, says, " thank I thee for it, back friends are sometimes good."

Holinshed, who wrote his famous "Chronicles" before 1580, has much to say about the increase of luxury both in dress and household furnishings in all classes, and mentions what may be found in even the farmers' homes. He says: "The furniture of our housesalso exceedeth, and grown is in manner even to delicacy;and herein Ido not speak of the nobility and gentry only, but likewise of the lowest sort in most places of our south country, that have anything at all to take to. Certes in noblemen's houses it is not rare to see abundance of arras, rich hangings of tapestry, silver vessels, and so much other plate as may furnish sundry cupboards, to the sum oftentimes of a thousand or two pounds at the least; whereby the value of this and the rest of their stuff doth grow to be almost inestimable. Likewise in the houses of knights, gentlemen, merchantmen, and some other wealthy citizens, it is not geson to behold generally their great provision of tap estry, Turkey work, pewter, brass, fine linen, and thereto costly cupboard of plate, worth five, six, or a thousand pounds, to be deemed by estimation. But as herein all these sorts do far exceed their elders and predecessors, and in neatness and curi osity the merchant all other; so in time past, the costly furni ture stayed there; whereas now it is descended yet lower, even unto the inferior artificers, and many farmers, who by virtue of their old and not of their new leases have for the most part learned to garnish their cupboards with plate, their joined beds with tapestry and silk hangings, and their tables with carpets and fine napcry."

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