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We search home & garden outlets to find 140cm wide dressers (1.4m) suitable for any kitchen or dining room. We hope you will find what you are looking for below. Here you can also find many different types of furniture, sinks and bathtubs and white goods by size, style and price.


Width: 136.5 cm
Height: 78 cm
Depth: 49 cm

For the very best of Italian, Modern and Contemporary Range Of Camel Group Tekno Night, Look no further than CFS UK! Shop our timeless range of Italian Made Camel Group Tekno Night and Get Free Fast Delivery All Over England & Wales! Camel Tekno Night Dresser is available at UK best highstreet stores. CFS comes with free fast delivery on Camel Tekno Night Dresser. Ideal as a 140cm wide dresser. Shop now at Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 130.5 cm
Height: 112.5 cm
Depth: 32.5 cm

Great if you are looking for a 140cm wide dresser. Constructed using traditional techniques from the finest quality European Oak with lacquered finish. Handles have standard 96mm centres. Solid oak drawer bases and backs. Oak handles available as an optional extra. Dovetailed Drawers joints both front and back. Metal bar handles included as standard. Interchangeable with other ranges. Bevelled toughened glass. Drawer stopper. From Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 130 cm
Height: 87 cm
Depth: 52 cm

Suitable for a space 140 cm (1.4m) wide. frames, cornices and plinths are in solid wood, all panels are veneered with ash. TREVISO night collection is available in Ash finish Features: simple and elegant classical forms. decorative details according to the best artisan tradition of Made in Italy. The peculiar characteristics of this collection is the presence of a wood cornice with elegant arches carvings. Buy at Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 135 cm
Height: 90 cm
Depth: 59 cm

It is widely used in wood carving and inlaying and, above all, to make guitars and musical instruments in general. A special wood for a still more special and precious bedroom: model SIENA which is already widely sold and appreciated on the market in the cherrywood finish. The European Linden Tree (better known as basswood) is one of the few uncomplicated woods of whitish colour with thin, dark grains making the overall whiteness look warmer and more lively. Shop now at Choice Furniture Superstore.

How to use colour theory when choosing a dresser?

Furniture Ferret: The two things to consider when it comes to colours is balance and associations. Balance means that the colours should ideally be coordinated, so that the room looks like a unit, and not just a random collection of elements. This can be achieved by using a colour wheel, and choosing colours that are either quite close to each other (colours that are only different in intensity of lightness do go together, but slight variations in hue can also be fine), or relatively far, for example on different halves of the wheel (giving you complementary colours like red and green) or on different thirds (for example, cyan-orange-purple). Other colour combinations are likely be somewhat jarring just based on how our eyes and brains process colour. Associations with and emotions connected to colours are also important. It is quite probable that these emotions are cultural and learnt, which means that they can be very different for different people. The associations are even often contradictory, making it even more difficult to use them as a guide. Blue is often associated with productivity, but also stability, calmness and even sadness. Green is clearly the colour of nature, and is considered to evoke safety, luck and envy (though in other cultures envy is yellow instead). Pink is said to evoke kindness, nurturing, romance and calmness, but it was the masculine colour of choice for clothing over many decades. Red is thought of as the colour of friendship, willpower, leadership, desire and anger, which is a very wide range of emotions. But it is clear that in nature, it signals danger and importance, so you probably need to put it next to a neutral colour to allow the eye to rest. These associations are so different that these guides seem to boil down to just one piece of advice: pause and see what the colour means for you.

Width: 138 cm
Height: 77.3 cm
Depth: 42.5 cm

Boxing Day Sideboards Best furniture shop in Leicester, Leicestershire, East Midlands Selling Sideboards Best furniture shop in Leicester,Leicestershire,East Midlands Selling. Handmade, the dresser has dovetailed jointed drawers and tongue and groove backs and bases and is sturdily constructed of long-lasting, hard-wearing American White Oak, a premium hardwood. Buy at Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 140 cm
Height: 91 cm
Depth: 62 cm

Elegant, with a light finish which recalls precious marbles, and enriched with refined gilt work on the frames and corner decorations. The dresser from the Leonardo collection is the essence of what Italian classical style has offered us over time. The minute carvings on the handles of the drawers once again show the difference details can make. Purchase from Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 130 cm
Height: 82 cm
Depth: 42 cm

A must for every woman is a dressing table where she can prepare for the day ahead with stool and mirror to match. It oozes quality craftsmanship, solid construction, neat distressed metal handles and a variety of draws and wardrobes to hide away your belongings. Hampshire is a premium oak bedroom range that has been designed to blend effortlessly with any bedroom design. Get it at Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 140 cm
Height: 82.5 cm
Depth: 44 cm

All the cabinet pieces feature a beaded side panel and the drawer fronts are elegantly dovetailed with tongue and grooved bases. A comprehensive collection of solid and veneered oak with a silky, satin wax finish. The careful detailing is finished with a large, hand-crafted button brass finished handle. Purchase from Choice Furniture Superstore.

How can one search for dressers by width, height and length?

Furniture Ferret: Finding dressers in search engines on the web by measurements is not straightforward as search engines are best at finding text only. Also, when searching for dressers to fit a given space, somewhat smaller pieces would also be suitable. Even if some shops allow searching for dressers by measurements, checking many websites at the same time needs a different solution. Our systems scan many websites and list thousands of products so you are able to buy the one that is just perfect.

Width: 137.7 cm
Height: 123 cm
Depth: 31.5 cm

The unit has a lacquered Originals Rustic finish for that fashionable, traditional feel and is craftsman-made from hard-wearing American White Oak using traditional techniques. A stunning dresser top display case from the Originals Rustic range, this piece will provide a new dimension to the case it is placed on. Buy at Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 138 cm
Height: 77.3 cm
Depth: 42.5 cm

Finished by hand with a brushed oil, the effect is one of warmth and individual character as the natural grain of the oak is gently emphasised. Winter Display Cabinets Best furniture shop in Leicester,Leicestershire,East Midlands Selling. The antique style, brass effect, drop handles contribute to the traditional feel of the furniture and complement the warmth of the oak. Get it at Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 130 cm
Height: 86 cm
Depth: 49 cm

The half-moon motif of the drawer fronts makes this collection charismatic, giving a special aesthetic value reminiscent of the masterpieces. All Made to Order items are manufactured as per the order supplied by you. The top flips up and is softclosing for safe usage. Modular and multi-functional vanity dresser. This is a Made to Order item. Purchase from Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 136.5 cm
Height: 78 cm
Depth: 49 cm

Optional two sided tops available in corten steel (Metal Stone) and in grey antimonite stone (Cemento scuro) colour. Definite lines and high tech shapes place bedroom STORM within a young and dynamic reality. Accessories, lamps and flashes of white light wrapping the settings, enhance the quality and creativity of a piece. Get it at Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 135 cm
Height: 81.1 cm
Depth: 40 cm

Tops now measure 35mm depth. Building on the success of the Klara collection we have increased the thickness of the tops, giving the range a sturdier and more robust look and feel. Vida Living Ramore Oak 4+3 Drawer Dresser Chest. Made of solid and semi solid Oak. Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers. Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers. Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers. Buy it from Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 133 cm
Height: 101 cm
Depth: 56 cm

The screen printing in tones of national walnut are highlighted on the front surfaces and the gilt details make this feature resound with irresistible charm and elegance. The dresser from the Donatello collection is an austere and elegant feature, which brings class to the bedroom with an air of nobility from another era. All Made to Order items are manufactured as per the order supplied by you. Get it at Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 135 cm
Height: 188 cm
Depth: 45 cm

Best furniture shop in Leicester,Leicestershire,East Midlands Selling Display Cabinets Best furniture shop in Leicester,Leicestershire,East Midlands Selling. Excellent design comes with include solid mango square knobs, panelled sides, chunky feet, and a hand-applied wax finish that gives the mango wood a warm, hypnotic glow. Buy at Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 132 cm
Height: 92 cm
Depth: 57 cm

The art deco style enjoyed its greatest success in the 1920s, due to the advent of the industrial era, and became a much sought-after style not only for the most luxury-oriented flats, but also in convivial settings such as bars and restaurants. Parlour, bedroom and living room are dressed in a new, straightforward style marked by clean lines and graceful shapes together with the refinement of materials and precious finishes. Purchase from Choice Furniture Superstore.


Width: 135 cm
Height: 79.5 cm
Depth: 51 cm

Night tables, tallboy and dressers tops 30mm thick whilst the inside of the drawer is covered with antiscratch material. The luminous white glossy finish is coupled togheter with trapezium shaped brushed alluminium handles. Swithces for the LED diffuesd light (4000 K)located on both sides of the headboard. Safe and easy to use storage space solution available. Buy at Choice Furniture Superstore.

Chiltern Oak Furniture

Questions and answers

How much clearance is needed in front of a dresser?

In order for a dresser to be usable, it needs more space than just its size. One needs to be able to access it and be in front of it to get to the boxes and other items stored on a dresser, and if a dresser has doors, it should be possible to open them fully. In general, you will need at least 40-60 cm in front of a dresser for access. This means, for example, that a dresser that is 30 cm deep needs at least 70 cm space. Fortunately, this extra space does not need to be exclusive: access spaces of two or more pieces of furniture can overlap.

How to measure the space to fit a dresser in?

Measure the width and the depth of the area where you'd like to place a dresser. The easiest way is to use a measuring tape. Hold the beginning of the tape down at the edge of the area, and let it run to the opposite edge. If the distance is larger than what you can stretch to with your arms, ask someone else for help, or divide what you need to measure up into multiple parts. You can do this by either holding the tape down partway through and continuing running it while letting the first end go, or by marking how far you have measured on the floor or wall, and start a new measurement. If you would not like to draw on your floor, try putting down a pointy object like a screwdriver there instead. You should avoid dead places where the piece of furniture won't be able to go like decorative strips. Also don't forget to take the height of the space and the item into account wherever the ceiling is low like in loft rooms.

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