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Width: 30 cm
Height: 29.5 cm
Depth: 29 cm

IN STOCK: best prices on NEWTON. Hallway / Shoe / Toy / Bedroom Storage Bench with 3 Drawers. White, OC9463. Great if you are looking for a narrow 35cm wide bench. Purchase from ManoMano UK.


Width: 31 cm
Height: 51 cm
Length: 102 cm

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Features: Soft flannelette upholstery is smooth to the touch Rolled ends for extra beauty, you won't fall off the edge Four wooden legs, keeps the bench balanced and stable whilst in use Foam padding is comfortable to sit for extended periods easily Compact size is great for small spaces Maximum load 130kg, assembly required Suitable for a space 35 cm wide. Get it at Aosom UK.


Width: 30 cm
Height: 30.48 cm
Length: 120 cm

Ideal For Your Hanging Basket Chair,Office Or Kitchen Chair,Rocking Chair,Patio Chair Cushions,Dining Chair,Wicker Chair,Wooden Chair,Round Chair,Car,Truck,Wheelchair,Stadium Seats,Etc. Added Features:Sewn Circle Tack Construction Prevents Cushion Fill From Shifting And Bunching,While String Ties Keep Cushion Firmly Attached To furniture. Ideal for 35 cm wide spaces. Get it from ManoMano UK.


Width: 30.5 cm
Height: 25 cm
Depth: 30.5 cm

Material: Solid paulownia wood Total size: 100 x 35 x 45 (L x W x H) Drawer size: 30.5 x 30.5 x 25 cm (L x W x H) 3 large drawers SKU: 240803 Comfortably seating 2 to 3 adults, it is suitable to be used in porches, coatrooms, bedrooms, etc. This storage bench, made of high quality solid wood, has a simple but fashionable design. Shop now at ManoMano UK.

How do I spot a bargain when buying a bench?

Furniture Ferret: The average price of benches in this category is 94.03 British pounds. You can check what the expected price of a product that match your search is by looking at the median value. The median price is £80.90 which means that exactly half of the benches costs more and half costs less. Most of the benches in this section cost between £13.98 and £186.89. This means that nine tenths of the products are between the two figures.

Width: 33 cm
Height: 54 cm
Depth: 5.08 cm

Features: Round handles are helpful and convenient for moving and transport Four anti-toppling mats make the bench more stable, prevent from falling Made of understated bamboo, the shoe No more messy shoes lying on the floor, getting in your way and wasting your time. Now with this shoe rack bench, you can sit with comfort while taking your time to pick and wear the shoes of your choice. Get it at ManoMano UK.


Width: 26 cm
Height: 77 cm
Depth: 26 cm

This flexible shoe bench is going to turn putting on your shoes in your hallway a true pleasure. Plastic protectors top off the metal legs and make sure that no unsightly scratches surface on your floors. Instead of toiling standing up, you can simply sit down and enjoy the comfortable upholstery with fabric cover. Total size: H x W x D: app. From ManoMano UK.


Width: 26 cm
Height: 77 cm
Depth: 26 cm

This versatile shoe bench is going to turn putting on your shoes in your hallway a true pleasure. Plastic protectors top off the metal legs and make sure that no unsightly scratches surface on your floors. Instead of toiling standing up, you can simply sit down and enjoy the comfortable upholstery with fabric cover. Total size: H x W x D: app. At ManoMano UK.


Width: 30.48 cm
Height: 12.7 cm
Depth: 2.03 cm

Sturdy and long-lasting: The foldable shelf bracket is made of high quality stainless steel with a smooth surface to prevent scratches, has good corrosion and rust resistance, and the triangular shape is the most stable structure in the wall mount. Widely used: The folding rack is very ideal for many DIY jobs and is an extension of shops, workshops, boats, RVs, backyards, caravans, bedrooms, kitchens, balconies, bathrooms and other places . Purchase from ManoMano UK.


Width: 35 cm
Height: 35 cm
Length: 120 cm

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With a solid mango wood frame and covered in uncomplicated rattan, this storage bench is robust and long-lasting. It is a suitable combination of style and functionality which will become the eye-catcher in your living space. Introduce an air of natural charm into your interior decor with our spectacular kubu rattan storage box! The box is multifunctional,so you can also place it next to your sofa or bed. From VidaXL UK.


Width: 30 cm
Height: 44 cm
Depth: 30 cm

A single shaped element fits on all four sides to create a vertical support while a plan with a useful hole in the center makes a comfortable seat. J.M.B./Stool is a stool made of plywood panels of industrial resin in a choice of colors, without lacquer or treatments. It can be used alone or combined with multiple elements to create a continuing bench, also multicolored. Buy at Archiproducts UK.

Chiltern Oak Furniture

Questions and answers

How can I order the narrow 35cm wide benches by price?

On the search pages one can choose to order the results by their price (lowest or highest first), or relevance. Click or tap on the button just above the first item, after "Order by", to change how the results are ordered. Ordering by relevance will show the bench at the top that matches most of the keywords in the search, while ordering by price will show the least expensive or most expensive bench at the top. Set the order to "Price: low to high" to see the cheapest narrow 35cm wide benches on Furniture Ferret.

How can I coordinate colours?

If you have the option to choose between different colours for a bench that fits your space and budget, it is useful to know how different colours work together. The two main things to consider when it comes to colours is balance and associations. Balance simply means that the colours should ideally be coordinated, so that it looks like a unit. Usual techniques to achieve this are considering a colour wheel, and selecting colours that are either quite close to each other (as colours that are only different in lightness or intensity do go together, but slight differences in tone or hue can also be fine), or quite far, like on opposite sides of the wheel (giving you complementary colours like red and green) or on different thirds (for example, cyan-orange-purple). Other colour combinations are likely be somewhat jarring because of how our eyes and brains understand colour. Associations with and emotions connected to colours are also important. In all likelihood these associations are cultural and learnt, which means that they can be quite different in different cultures or just for different people. The associations can even be contradictory, which makes it even more difficult to use them as a guide. Blue is often connected to productivity, but also calmness, stability and even sadness. Green is undoubtedly the colour of nature, and is considered to evoke safety, luck and envy (though in other cultures this latter is yellow). Pink is said to bring kindness, nurturing, romance and calmness, but it was the choice for boys' and men's clothes over many decades. Red is considered to be the colour of friendship, energy, leadership, desire and revenge - a very wide range of emotions. But it is clear that in nature, it means danger or importance, so you probably need to put it next to a calm colour to allow the eye to rest. These emotions are so varied that these guidelines seem to boil down to just this: pause and consider what the colour means for you.

From the history of furniture: The history of chairs

12. Gothic Chippendale Chair with pierced splat and square legs. (Mahogany.) Middle 18th Century.

A great many chairs were also treated in the Chinese style, this being easily identified by the introduction of lattice work and often carved imitations of the Chinese pagoda.

Another notable designer of the 18th century was Hepplewhite. His chairs were invariably graceful and refined. The backs were, as a rule, either shield-shaped, as in Fig. 13, or oval, and the top rail "humped," as shown in the illustration.

13. Shield-back Chair with serpentine shaped front rail. Hepplewhite. (Mahogany.) Second half of 18th Century.

An Adam chair of the wheel-back variety is shown in Fig. 14. Robert Adam's work was classical in its treatment and indicates his profession as an architect. His designs were carried out by contemporary craftsmen, and it is interesting to observe how his work was affected by the methods of treatment employed by them.

14. Wheel - back Chair with semi-rounded seat. Adam. (Mahogany.) Second half of 18th Century.

Sheraton's chair designs are innumerable. Figs. 15 and 16 are typical of his work. His designs were extremely light, and usually carried out in satinwood or mahogany. The legs were either square tapered or turned or, in some cases, toward the end of the period, curved inwards to the back. In some of his pieces the legs were made to project above the seat and were rounded over.

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