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Width: 1 cm
Height: 18.4 cm
Length: 3.2 cm

Premium quality cabinet door handles manufactured to a high standard Perfect if you are searching for a narrow 30cm wide cabinet with doors. Buy from Wickes.


Width: 10 cm
Height: 108 cm
Length: 36 cm

This cabinet is designed with 24 necklace hooks, 100 earring slots, 30 earring holes, 1 bracelet rod and 78 ring slots, which provide roomy space to sort and store your jewelry while making them no longer messy. As for quality, the premium MDF and glass make this jewelry storage cabinet sturdy and durable enough to serve you for a long time. Great if you are looking for a narrow 30cm wide cabinet with doors. Shop now at ManoMano UK.


Width: 30 cm
Height: 40 cm
Depth: 12 cm

Recommended for 30cm wide spaces. This slimline cabinet is perfect for small spaces, offering a trendy focal point to any bathroom. Incorporate timeless style with a sleek polished stainless steel cabinet. Simple to install, all fixtures and fittings included. Fixed internal stainless steel shelf. 90 degree sprung hinge. Suitable for small spaces. Get it from Leekes.


Width: 25 cm
Height: 33.5 cm
Depth: 22 cm

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Made from particle for reliability and durability, the cube unit is crafted into a design which comes with five open shelves and a large bottom cupboard, giving you a lot of room for storage and display. Freestanding, it will stand ideally placed anywhere, with four solid pine wood legs for stability and anti-tilt straps on the back for safety prevention. Get it at Aosom UK.

How to choose the best colour for a cabinet with doors?

Furniture Ferret: If you can choose from different colours for a cabinet with doors that fits your space and budget, it is helpful to know what the effects of the different colours are. The two main things to consider when it comes to colours is balance and associations. Balance simply means that the colours should ideally be coordinated in some way, so that the room looks like a unit, and not just a random collection of elements. Usual techniques to achieve this are considering a colour wheel, and choosing colours that are either quite close to each other, or relatively far, for example on opposite sides of the wheel (giving you complementary colours like blue and yellow) or on different thirds (for example, red-green-blue). Other colour combinations are likely be somewhat jarring because of how our eyes and brains understand colour. Associations with and emotions connected to colours are also important. It is quite probable that these emotions are cultural and learnt, which means that they can be quite different for different individuals. The associations are even often contradictory, which makes it even more difficult to use them as a guide. Blue is often associated with productivity, but also calmness, stability and even sadness. Green is clearly the colour of nature, and is considered to be associated with safety, luck and envy (though in other cultures this latter is yellow). Yellow is always a shouty colour and can mean warmth, brightness, attention and energy (likely evoking the sun), except when it is dark and becomes brown, when it is said to be a sign of comfort and relaxation. Red is considered to be the colour of friendship, energy, leadership, desire and anger, which is a very wide range of feelings. But it is clear that in nature, it means danger or importance, so it should be put next to a calm colour to allow the eye to rest. These associations are so different that these guidelines seem to boil down to just one piece of advice: pause and see what the colour means for you.

Width: 1 cm
Height: 14.6 cm
Length: 3.2 cm

Premium quality thin cabinet door handles manufactured to a high standard Shop now at Wickes.


Width: 10 cm
Height: 120 cm
Length: 36.8 cm

FRAMELESS MIRROR: With the full-length 36.8 x 120 cm mirror, you’ll be able to have a head-to-toe view of your outfit at one glance; plus, the real glass mirror has better performance while making any room brighter and bigger-looking SPARKLE & GLITTER: Inside the jewellery thin cabinet, there are 6 LED lights which automatically switch on and off when the cabinet door is opened and closed, your jewellery will always sparkle at you! Buy at ManoMano UK.


Width: 26 cm
Height: 160 cm
Depth: 26 cm

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With two compartments, the table inside can be removable within 3cm, also many wash ware tools can be stored in the cabinet. Modern and noble design distinguishes this wall thin cabinet bathroom mirror from conventional cabinets and will give your bathroom new ambiance. Don’t wait, click and get one contemporary and usable wall narrow cabinet mirror now! Purchase from Aosom UK.


Width: 20.7 cm
Height: 55 cm
Length: 35 cm

Specifications: Material: Painted MDF & Iron Hardware Overall dimensions: 35 x 20.7 x 55cm(L x W x H) Hole distance: 3.3cm Open angle of the door: 135 degree Net weight: 5.4 kg Gross weight: 6.3 kg The size of the door: 52 x 32 x 1.2cm(L x W x Thickness) The size of the top board & bottom board: 35 x 20.7 x 1.2 cm (L x W Thickness) The size of the moveable board: 29.5 x 16 x 0.9cm (L x W x Thickness) Total Max. Shop now at ManoMano UK.


Width: 13 cm
Height: 58 cm
Length: 56 cm

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As well as space to keep products, cosmetics, toiletries and more safely stored inside, it has two small outer mirrors for easily getting ready. Adjustable inner shelf to hold products of different sizes, with bottom shelf for simple access to what you need. An everyday spot to get ready starts with this bathroom cabinet from kleankin. Buy it from Aosom UK.


Width: 17 cm
Height: 35 cm
Depth: 17 cm

The modular plug-in system makes sure you can assembly this piece without any additional tools and in no time at all. Size per small compartment: H x W x D: app. Size of large compartment: H x W x D: app. You can also choose to use this lovely piece as an open shelf or closed cabinet. The floating shelf is available in various colours. 126 x 49 x 36.5 cm. From ManoMano UK.


Width: 25 cm
Height: 48 cm
Depth: 12 cm

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For a neat arrangement of your medicaments and other first aid items, a medicine narrow cabinet is ideal and should be provided in every household, office, sports club and workshop. It guarantees a safe and organized storage of medicines. At Aosom UK.

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Questions and answers

How do I know if a cabinet with doors is for a good price?

The average price of cabinets with doors that match your search is £51.99. You can check what the expected price of a product here is by looking at the median value. For the cabinets with doors here the median is 58.90 British pounds, that is, 50% of them is priced above this, and 50% below. Most of the cabinets with doors in this section cost from 2.49 British pounds to £90.08. This means that nine tenths of the products are between the two figures.

How can I search for cabinets with doors using their width, height and length?

Finding cabinets with doors in search engines on the Internet by size is not easy as search engines are best at finding text only. Also, when searching for cabinets with doors to fit a given space, somewhat shallower items would also fit. Even if some websites allow searching for cabinets with doors by measurements, searching many outlets at the same time needs a different solution. Our systems scan many shops on the Internet and list thousands of products so you can get the one that fits perfectly.

Can I order the narrow 30cm wide cabinets with doors by price?

On every search page there is an option to order the results by price (lowest or highest first), or relevance. Click or tap on the button just above the first result, after "Order by", to change the ordering. Ordering by relevance will show the cabinet with doors first that matches most of the search terms, while sorting by price will show the least expensive or most expensive cabinet with doors at the top. You can set the order to "Price: low to high" to see the cheapest narrow 30cm wide cabinets with doors on Furniture Ferret.

From the history of furniture: Old Pewter Part 4

The thick dish with handles is a nice piece. It is to be filled with hot water to keep a meal warm. A little slide in the top of the dish can be taken out, and slipped back when the under part is filled. A pewter spoon lies beside it, and gruel basin to the right. One of the a housekeeper's yearly duties was to mould a fresh supply of spoons. They were made of soft metal, and con sequently were easily broken or bent. Spoon moulds were metal affairs and not owned by every family. If one was possessed by a village the hardy pioneers thought it was ample. In a certain Massachusetts vil lage a family whose name began with L, to add a touch of elegance to their table furniture, had the spoon mould made with this initial in the die. It did very well for them, but the whole village also had their spoons marked " L," for they promptly borrowed the new "running." mould the first time they needed to make a Consider the confusion which must have ensued at every sewing-bee or husking when individual possessions were to be sorted out!

A pewter spoon is given in Figure 296 and is a fine one. It is not home-made, nor very old, being made by Reed and Barton, a firm of New York silversmiths, in 1823. Few old spoons are to be found, for they were so easily bent, at least the home-made ones, that they were among the first things cast into the melting-pot to be run Over. I have some spoons, notably one of Belgian make, which is remarkably stiff in the handle, but this is an unusually fine specimen. An amateur, av1io is a busy literary man, writes me that he has been amusing himself with running pewter spoons in an old mould which somebody gave him. He has great diffi culty in arrh'ing at just the proper quality of metal to make them with any degree of stiffness, and some old spoons which he sacrificed had in the handles a bit of iron which gave them the desired body. The formula for spooning pewter takes a large proportion of lead which is the cause of the brittleness. have also an old I home-made pewter spoon which came from Maine. I have never been able to bring myself to use for am it, I quite sure that any strain on the handle would be fatal to it.

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