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The average price of office desks in this category is 286.79 British pounds. Most of the office desks in this section are priced between 26.99 British pounds and 999.95 British pounds. This means that 9/10 of the products are between the two figures. Check whether an item you like is overpriced or underpriced by comparing it to the median price. The median price is £256.42 which means that exactly half of the office desks costs more and half costs less.

HOMCOM C Shape Side Table Marble-Effect Top w/ Metal Frame Space-Saving Home Furniture Bedroom Living Room Office Corner Desk Black White
at Aosom UK

Width: 45 cm
Height: 51.5 cm
Depth: 30 cm

Ideal for 35 cm deep spaces. Crafted into a one-of-a-kind 'C' shape, it will bring in extra surface area without taking up too much room in the home. The frame is made from steel for a tough structure, with a particle board top for a solid and even surface, which is finished in a monochrome marble look. The extra-long base provides balance and stability, meaning this piece won't topple over easily.

Dorel Elmwood Coffee Table
at The Direct Office Supply Co

Width: 80 cm
Height: 113.5 cm
Depth: 30 cm

Recommended for 35cm deep spaces. With a full range of fitting home furniture and desking in this attractive distressed grey oak finish, its simple to coordinate furniture throughout the home and office. This shallow depth table is suitable for any living room, lounge or family area as well as a reception or waiting room in a professional setting. Distressed Grey Oak The Elmwood coffee small depth table belongs to a range of...

Mayan Wooden Hidden Home Office Computer Desk In Walnut
at Elegant Furniture

Width: 48 cm
Height: 43 cm
Depth: 29 cm

Perfect if you are searching for a shallow 35 cm deep office desk. The opening on the left for you computer tower unit measures H43 x W29 x D48 cm (The shelf above is removeable, for if you have an oversized tower unit, making the available height 55 cm). The two shelves on the right measure H27 x W59 x D49 cm (The shelf is removable and height adjustable). Walnut is a very high quality timber with a dense grain, this makes it the ideal choice for building...

Blake Bookcase Desk
at Dunelm

Width: 75 cm
Height: 31.5 cm
Depth: 27.5 cm

Perfect for 35cm deep spaces. Offering considerable storage space, the Blake bookcase shallow depth desk comes with two large overhead shelves, ideal for office supplies, books or decor, as well as a wide drawer complete with smooth metal extension runners and a a complementing inset metal-backed handle. Suitable for giving your home office space a modern industrial look, the Blake bookcase desk comes with a fashionable ladder...

How to measure the space to fit an office desk in?
Measure the width and the depth of the floor space where you'd like to place an office desk. The most accurate way is to use a measuring tape. Hold the start down at the edge of the area, and let it run to the other edge. Make sure the tape is parallel to the side of the space, as otherwise you would overestimate the available space. If the distance is larger than what you can stretch to, ask a friend to help, or split what you need to measure into multiple parts. This can be done by either holding the tape down partway through and continuing running it while letting the first end go, or by marking how far you measured on the floor or wall, and reposition the tape to complete the measurement. If you would not like to draw on the floor, try putting down a pointy object like a pencil there. You should avoid dead places where the piece of furniture won't go like pipes. Also it may be necessary to take the height of the space and the item into account wherever the ceiling is low like in loft rooms.
HOMCOM Footrest Adjustable Height & Angle 0-30 Degree for Better Posture at Office Black
at Aosom UK

Width: 45 cm
Height: 16 cm
Depth: 34 cm

Recommended for 35cm deep spaces. A compact size which allows it to fit under your small depth desk with ease, its height can be set to 10cm, 13cm or 16.5cm, as well as being tiltable between 0-45°, allowing you to adjust it to a position which works best. Using high impact plastic, this rest is very tough and has a textured top to prevent your feet from slipping.

Next Day - Tall or Slim Mobile Under Desk Pedestals - Choice of 5 Colours
at The Direct Office Supply Co

Width: 60 cm
Height: 63 cm
Depth: 30 cm

Perfect for 35cm deep spaces. Next Day Under Office Desk Pedestals If you need more leg room or an additional Stationery Drawer chose either the Slim Mobile Pedestal or Tall Both have 3 Drawers but the widths are different, 5 colour choices to match our Next Day range.

Chiltern Oak Furniture
From the history of furniture: Desks And Secretaries Part 4

Many tales could be told by these desks of use, then of abandonment, and of final resuscitation. Here is one said to be true, but the ending is not as it should be. For many years Mr. Samuel Tilden had, in his office in Nassau Street, a fine old walnut desk with innumerable pigeon-holes and some secret drawers of which he never would confide the wbereabouts, nor would he tell if he hunted in spare moments for others. There was nothing remarkable about the desk, except that it was a good one, and that it was adding to its years of service by growing still older under the con stant use of a famous man. After Mr. Tilden's death the desk, with some other pieces of his office furniture, was put in the loft of the office building and forgotten. As time went by the room in the loft was demanded, and the furniture was put in the cellar. Moving about and lack of care had not improved the looks of the desk, and though it was still staunch and strong it did not seem to be of much value, for now the roll-top desks had come to the front. One day even the room in the cellar was needed for vaults, and the furniture in the cellar, of which the desk was a part, had to be disposed of.

The janitor not knowing just what to do in the matter at last had the poor old desk broken up and fed to the furnace, watching its destruction as the old walnut flamed high in the furnace. Years passed by, and the time came when old-fashioned things and the relics of famous men were much in demand. Still another year went past, when one day a note arrived from the former private secretary of Mr. Tilden, aaIio wrote in behalf of the family that they were anxious to secure the old walnut high-topped desk which had been used so many years by Mr. Tilden in his office. Would the janitor, so the letter ran, kindly get out the desk and ship it to them, after having it carefully crated? The family would of course pay all expenses.

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Questions and answers

How much space must I leave behind an office desk?

Placing an office desk needs a larger area than just the size of the item itself, as you will also need approx. 50-76 cm behind the chair. Keeping this area free means that you can push the chair back to stand up, or turn around to a cabinet or bookshelf behind you. Together with the chair, this means keeping a space 100 cm deep free behind an office desk. In other words, 35 cm deep office desks would require a 135 cm deep floor space in total. The area behind the chair doesn't need to be dead space, as it can also be used as the space you need to access a dresser, filing cabinet, or a bookshelf.

Can I order the shallow 35 cm deep office desks by price?

On the search pages there is the option to order the results by price (ascending or descending), or relevance. Tap on the drop-down button just above the first office desk, after "Order by", to change how the results are ordered. Ordering by relevance will show the office desk at the top that contains most of the keywords in the search, while sorting by price shows the least expensive or most expensive office desk first. Change the order to "Price: low to high" to see the cheapest shallow 35 cm deep office desks on Furniture Ferret.

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