Where to get 92 inch wide office desks?

Buy a perfect 92 inch wide office desk online from thousands of items by size as well as price. Search multiple outlets for furniture.

$397.99 is the average price of office desks in this category. A good way to see whether an item costs more or less than expected is to compare it to the median price. For the office desks here the median is 185.99 American dollars, that is, 50% of them is priced above this, and 50% below. Most of the office desks that match your search cost from $179.99 to $827.99. Only 10% of products cost more or less than these two values.

HOMCOM 55" 360° Rotating Corner Computer Desk Modern L-Shaped Home Office Workstation with 3-Tier Storage Shelves, Bookshelf, White
at Bed Bath & Beyond

Width: 90.5 in
Height: 30.75 in
Depth: 15.5 in

Ideal as a 92 inch wide office desk. Overall Size (L-shape) 55'L x 47.25" W x 30.75" H. Overall Size (Straight) 90.5" L x 15.5" W x 30.75" H. Desk Dimensions 55" L x 15.5" W x 30.75" H. Shelf Dimensions 47.25" L x 11.75" W x 28.75" H. Weight Capacity (Desk) 115 lbs. Create a fashionable workstation, storage unit, and display case in one with this charismatic offering from your friends at HOMCOM.

Ameriwood Home AX1 Executive Desk With Side Return Walnut
at Office Depot

Width: 88.63 in
Height: 29.5 in
Depth: 67 in

Ideal for 92 in wide spaces. Designed to act as the focal point of your office, this executive desk provides you with the expansive work space and storage needed to stay busy and efficient all day long. Made of tough melamine boards with an attractive woodgrain finish to fit in nicely with your existing décor. 2 open and 2 closed compartments with sliding doors provide lots of storage space for computer peripherals, office...

HOMCOM 88" Extra Long 2-Person Computer Desk with Storage Shelves Combo, Double Workstation Storage Study Writing Table for Home Office, Bookshelf, Natural Wood Color
at Bed Bath & Beyond

Width: 88.25 in
Height: 55 in
Depth: 23.5 in

Ideal as a 92 inch wide office desk. Overall Dimension 88.25" L x 23.5" W x 55" H. Single Desk Size 44" L x 23.5" W x 28" H. Storage Shelf Size 24.75" L x 9.5" W x 55" H. Each Shelf Size 23.5" L x 9.5" W x 12.75" H. Single Table Top Weight Capacity 88 lbs. Sufficient arm space and allows you freely move your legs to relieve stress after a long period of work or study.

How can one find office desks by size?
Finding office desks in search engines on the web by size is difficult as search engines are best at finding words only. Also, when searching for office desks to fit a given space, somewhat narrower pieces would also fit. Even if some webshops allow searching for office desks by measurements, searching many webshops at the same time needs a different solution. Furniture Ferret to the rescue! Our systems scan many websites on the Internet and index tens of thousands of items to let you get the one that fits perfectly.
From the history of furniture: Desks And Secretaries Part 2

In fact the branch of cabinet-making which related to ladies' desks was one of considerable interest. Shera ton made many of them, and in his books are designs for many more. A pretty and characteristic specimen of this maker is shovm in Figure 270, the woods composing it are maple and satimvood. Little drawers are con- 4?m cealed behind the doors, and compartments in the lower drawers are for the necessary implements.

I have spoken of the fact that much of the furniture of the late eighteenth century was other than what it appeared. Under this head I give a description taken

" from Sheraton's book, of a Lady's Cabinet Dressing Table." This piece is not inappropriate here, as it has writing materials also in it:

"This table contains every requisite for a lady to dress at. The style of finishing them is somewhat neat and elegant. With respect to the manufacturing part, and what it contains, these may be learned from the piece itself when open. When the washing-drawer is in, a slider which is above it may be drawn out to write on. The ink and stand are in the right-hand drawer under the centre dressing-glass. Behind the drapery, which is tacked to a rabbet, and fringed or gimped to cover the nails, is a shelf on which may stand any vessel to receive the dirty water. Above the drapery are tambour cupboards, one at each end and one in the middle. Above the tambour at each end are real drawers, which are fitted up to hold every necessary article for dressing. The drawers in the cabinet part are intended to hold all the ornaments of dress, as rings, drops, etc. Behind the centre glass is drapery; it may be real to suit the portion below, or it may be painted to match. . .

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Questions and answers

How much space do I have to leave behind an office desk?

Placing an office desk needs a larger area than just the size of the item itself, as you need approx. 20-30 in extra behind the chair. Reserving this space means that you can easily push the chair back to stand up, or turn around to a credenza or shelves behind you. Together with the chair, this means keeping an area 40 in deep free behind an office desk. In other words, 50 in deep office desks would require a 90 in deep floor space in total. This doesn't mean that the extra area behind the chair is dead space, though, as it can double as the area required to access a dresser, filing cabinet, or a bookshelf.

How do I search on Furniture Ferret?

Searching for office desks on Furniture Ferret is easy. Click or tap on the "Refine search" button in the top right corner, then enter any keywords you are looking for, like "desk", "bathroom cabinet" or "rustic stool". Drag the two handles on the sliders to enter the minimum and maximum for the width, height and depth (length) and the price you are interested in. Tap the "Search" button to see the results. Easy!

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