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Width: 16 in
Height: 44 in
Depth: 19 in

Shop Flash Furniture Vincent Contemporary Vinyl Barstool (set of 2) Purple at Best Buy. Buy from Best Buy.


Width: 19.3 in
Height: 33.3 in
Length: 25 in

DIMENSIONS:W:19.3" x D:25" x H:33.3" xSeat Height: 17.8" xSeat Depth: 17.8" xSeatback Height: 16" xWeight: 25 lbs. MATERIALS:Cover: Velour or Naugahyde LeatherCover The colour of the item is VariousFrame: Stainless SteelFrame Finish: Polished Steel or Brushed GoldAssembly Required RN-163591 Dining Chair Royal PurpleThis dining chair is an inspired collaboration of design and craftmanship. Shop now at ARTeFAC.


Width: 28 in
Height: 35.43 in
Depth: 27.13 in

You sit comfortably since the chair is adjustable in height. The mesh material of the backrest lets air through, which is extra nice when a match drags on. Read about the terms in the warranty brochure. STYRSPEL Gaming chair. Shop now at IKEA.


Width: 32 in
Height: 29 in
Depth: 18 in

The Seat Belt Purple Ottoman is one of many offerings in this trendy seating collection by award-winning Thai designer Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn. We offer custom color echoing for quantities of 16 or more, and the Seat Belt comes as regular-height and high-back dining chairs, rockers and ottomans. Shop now at AFA Stores.

How do I spot a bargain when buying a chair?

Furniture Ferret: The average price of chairs here is $472.12. A good way to see whether an item is priced more or less than expected is to compare it to the median price. For the chairs in this category the median is 485 American dollars, that is, 50% of them is priced above this, and 50% below. Most of the chairs in this category cost from $187.99 to 819 American dollars. Only 10% of products cost more or less than these two values.

Width: 18.5 in
Height: 41.75 in
Depth: 19 in

Shop Flash Furniture Caldwell Contemporary Vinyl Barstool (set of 2) Purple at Best Buy. From Best Buy.


Width: 15 in
Height: 34 in
Depth: 15 in

Shop Flash Furniture Athens Contemporary Vinyl Barstool (set of 2) Purple at Best Buy. From Best Buy.


Width: 19.69 in
Height: 27 in
Depth: 17.75 in

DIMENSIONS:W:23" x D:23" x 30.75" xArm Height: 27" xSeat Height: 19" xSeat Depth: 17.75" xNet Weight: 24 lbs. Stocked in our soft blush purple, blush grey and forest green fabric with elegant diamond stitching on the exterior seatback. MATERIALS:Cover: 100% Polyester FabricCover The colour is Blush Purple, Blush Grey, Forest GreenFrame: Stainless SteelFrame Finish: Antique BrassAssembly Required Buy at ARTeFAC.


Width: 22.5 in
Height: 33.5 in
Depth: 19.75 in

Stocked in antonio porcelain, blush purple, merlot and shadow grey fabric. SR-104141 Velvet Dining Chair with Brass Legs in 4 Colors . Cover The colour of the item is antonio porcelain, blush purple, merlot and shadow grey . Features delicate ruching on the rounded seatback and exposed antique brass legs. Seat Height: 19.5" . Seat Depth: 16.5" . Buy at ARTeFAC.

Questions and answers

What is the best way to measure the space to fit a chair in?

Measure both the width and the depth of the space where you'd like to put a chair. The easiest way is to use a measuring tape. Hold the beginning down at the edge of the area, and let it run to the opposite edge. If the distance is larger than what you can stretch to, ask a friend for help, or divide what you need to measure into multiple parts. This can be done by either holding the tape down partway through and continuing running it while letting the first end go, or by marking how far you have measured on the floor or wall, and start a new measurement. If you would not like to draw on your floor, you can position a pointy object like a pencil there instead. You should avoid dead places where the piece of furniture won't be able to go like pipes. Also it may be necessary to take the height of the space and the item into account wherever the ceiling is uneven like spaces under the stairs.

How do I search for chairs on Furniture Ferret?

Searching on Furniture Ferret is easy. Click or tap on the search button in the header in the top right corner, then type any keywords you would like to search for, for example, "bookshelf", "TV stand" or "modern dresser". Use the sliders to specify the highest and lowest values for the width, height and depth (length) and the price you are interested in. Click on "Go!" to update the results.

From the history of furniture: Chairs and sofas Part 1

Chairs And Sofas Part 1

While all specimens of antique furniture have an interest all their own, chairs seem to arouse it in a peculiar degree. There is a personal sentiment which they possess, a something which brings one in touch with owners long since dead, that is not shared by such objects as a bureau or a table, no matter Iioav venerable. If one could sit for a brief moment in, say, Will Shakspere's chair, wOuld it not seem possible that inspiration might be derived for a little sonnet? Or if one had for daily companionship the antique chair of Elder William Brewster, now at Plymouth, Massachusetts, would it not be likely that one would imbibe some of the cour age which upheld that doughty pioneer?

The oldest piece of cabinet-maker's work known is Queen Hatasu's chair, of the eighteenth Egyptian Dynasty, sixteen hundred years before the Christian Era. It is made of ivory, ebony, and various metals, and is in the British Museum, London. There is another old chair in which one may take a more per sonal interest, and whose early history is so enveloped in legend and myth that it is impossible to tell where tradition ends and truth begins. This is the Coronation Chair of England, in which all English sovereigns since 1273 have been crowned. The wood has become very solid and hard, but still shows in various places the traces of paint. In 1298 Edward I brought from Scotland the stone upon which all the Scottish kings had been crowned for centuries, and this was inserted in the seat of the English chair. It is a piece of coarse sandstone, twentj'-six inches long, seventeen broad, and ten and one-half inches thick. It shows very plainly in the photograph, which also displays to advantage the mm Gothic character of the chair (Figure 63).

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