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Furniture Ferret is a special search engine that searches dozens of retailers to find 24 inch deep shelves suitable for your bedroom. We hope you will find what you are looking for below. On Furniture Ferret you can also buy many different types of furniture, bathroom fixtures and white goods by size, style and price.


Width: 100 in
Height: 74.75 in
Depth: 21.63 in

BROR Shelving unit, black/wood, 100x215/8x743/4" This storage system is our interpretation of heavy metal – robust, long-lasting and flexible. Also easy to assemble, complete as required and is robust enough to withstand moisture, dirt and heavy loads. Can be used indoors in damp areas. Recommended if you are searching for 24 inch deep shelves. Buy it from IKEA.


Width: 26.5 in
Height: 31 in
Depth: 23 in

Framed by slim iron finished in a dark gunmetal, light-finished oak and contrasting resin form modular open-shelving for a light, minimalist look and feel. Color 2: Light Oak Resin. Material 2: Thick Oak Veneer Product Features: Category: Office. Color 1: Dark Gunmetal. Material 1: Iron. Suitable for a space 24 in (2 ft) deep. Buy it from AFA Stores.


Width: 64 in
Height: 72 in
Depth: 20 in

Perfect if you are searching for 24 inch deep shelves. Shop Walker Edison 3 Piece Metal & Wood Ladder Desk and Storage Shelves Dark Walnut at Best Buy. From Best Buy.


Width: 33.5 in
Height: 43.25 in
Depth: 21.63 in

BROR Shelving unit, black, 331/2x215/8x431/4" This storage system is our interpretation of heavy metal – robust, long-lasting and flexible. Also easy to assemble, complete as needed and is robust enough to withstand moisture, dirt and heavy loads. Suitable for big heavy items like tools and books. Buy at IKEA.

How can I use the search on Furniture Ferret?

Searching on Furniture Ferret is simple. Click on the search button in the header in the top right corner, then edit or add any keywords you are searching for, for example, "table", "shoe storage" or "rustic stool". Use the sliders to specify the highest and lowest values for the width, height and depth (length) and the price you are looking for. Press "Go!" to update the results. That's all!

Width: 35.67 in
Height: 72.2 in
Depth: 23.35 in

The bookshelf file cabinet's stable design and included wall attachment hardware make it a safe choice for use in virtually any home or professional office environment. A single lock secures both drawers to protect files with sensitive information and safeguard any personal items you do not want left out in the open. Get it at AFA Stores.


Width: 41 in
Height: 72 in
Depth: 22 in

Wooden Shelves: Melamine Paper Veneer, Composite Wood (PB) Metal Frame: Round Metal Tube, 1.0 x 1-1/2" [Q&A Clearance between shelves: 15"H. Clearance between Floor & Bottom Shelf: 3" Clearance between Floor & Top Shelf: 64" (KD), Rectangular Bookshelf (Etagere) Storage: 4 Open Compartment (5 Wooden Shelves, Size 38" x 18" x 20mm) Orientation: Freestanding. Purchase from AFA Stores.


Width: 44 in
Height: 96 in
Depth: 21 in

Use outdoors for planting and gardening supplies or in the kitchen/dining room with wine bottles & dinnerware s & supplies. 20th Century French style Bakers & wine rack in wrought iron & brass. Offering a pair of lower doors & upper shelves. There are iron rows for up to 40 bottles. Heavy quality construction with brass trim & accents. Purchase from One Kings Lane.


Width: 36 in
Height: 71.75 in
Depth: 20 in

With a hand-applied wood stain, this rustic home office bookcase from RC Willey looks great in any home. A large bottom storage drawer makes it easy to keep your space clutter free and the three shelves give you considerable display and storage space. Pair it with the rest of the lodge collection to complete the look or use it as a fashionable accent piece. Shop now at RC Willey.

What is the best way to measure the space to fit shelves in?

Measure both the width and the depth of the area where you'd like to put shelves. The most accurate way is to use a measuring tape. Hold the beginning down at the edge of the area, and let it run to the other edge. Make sure the tape is parallel to the side of the space, or else you would overestimate the available space. If the distance is larger than what you can stretch to, ask someone else to assist, or divide what you need to measure up into multiple parts. This can be done by either holding the tape down halfway and continuing running it while letting the first end go, or by marking how far you measured on the floor or wall, and start a new measurement. If you want to avoid drawing on your floor, you can position a pointy object like a screwdriver there instead. Make sure to avoid dead places where the piece of furniture won't be able to go like skirting boards. Also it may be necessary to measure how high the space is wherever the ceiling is low like in loft rooms.

Width: 36 in
Height: 72 in
Depth: 20 in

With two open storage cubbies in front of the desk, cord management comes with to organize your electronic wires easily, two shelves above for books, and a metal magnet board for hanging up your calendar and family pictures. The table and shelves are made out of sturdy laminate with a flattering, wood grain look and the angled framing is made from metal in a ladder inspired design. At RC Willey.


Width: 25 in
Height: 70.25 in
Depth: 22 in

Taking cues from Mid Century Modern design, the sleek diagonal lines draw the eye upward in a gentle slope, giving attention to the three stationary shelves. Keep clutter out of sight in the large office style drawer, seated on full extension glides to give access to every corner. The narrow size is perfect for tucking into small spaces like bathrooms, entryways and halls. Purchase from AFA Stores.


Width: 20.55 in
Height: 52.4 in
Depth: 20.5 in

The natural finished angled wood sides are accented the drawers that open on metal drawer glides, and shelves finished in rich white. The Heidi Collection Bookcase comes with 3 shelves and 2 drawers, for storing your décor or work items, while looking sleek and on-trend. This unit will make an suitable functional and fashionable accent in your home. Buy from RC Willey.


Width: 49 in
Height: 71 in
Depth: 20 in

Metal Frame: Round Metal Steel Tube with Powder Coating with hand brushed Industrial Pipe Castings (No Casters) Wooden Shelf Panel: Paper Veneer, MDF. (KD), Rectangular Bookshelf (Etagere/Open Back) Storage: 4 Open Compartments (5 Wooden Shelves) Orientation: Freestanding (Wall Tall) CONSTRUCTION. The Itzel Bookcase is functionally designed with an attractive classic antique oak & sandy gray... Buy at AFA Stores.


Width: 36 in
Height: 72 in
Depth: 20 in

With two open storage cubbies in front of the desk, cord management comes with to organize your electronic wires easily, two shelves above for books, and a metal magnet board for hanging up your calendar and family pictures. The table and shelves are made out of long-lasting laminate with a flattering, wood grain look and the angled framing is made from metal in a ladder inspired design. At RC Willey.


Width: 49 in
Height: 75 in
Depth: 20 in

The bookcase comes with shelves in various heights and sizes to create a spectacular and striking look, ideal for showcasing all your decor items in one place. The rich antique oak and sandy gray finish add depth to the pieces. The echoing wall racks add a contemporary take on an industrial aesthetic to your room of your living space. 38mm Metal Tube From AFA Stores.


Width: 48 in
Height: 78.5 in
Depth: 21.5 in

Material: Solid Acacia Wood with Metal Frame. Product Features: Collection: Live Edge. Solid Wood Shelves. Color: Light Walnut. Assembly Required: Yes. Live Edge Look. Buy it from AFA Stores.


Width: 24 in
Height: 66 in
Depth: 21.25 in

The light gray finish is accented by black detailing, with five shelves graduated in size from top to bottom for an angled look and a feeling of spaciousness. Store everything in your kitchen right within arm's reach with this Crestview Collection Hastings 5-tier Charcoal gray Angled Etagere with Removable Metal Baskets. Buy from AFA Stores.


Width: 24 in
Height: 71.25 in
Depth: 23.5 in

Enclosed shelves are suitable to display cookbooks, art, glassware, adding a shabby chic accent to liven up any decor. Add a whimsical touch of vintage charm with this display cabinet inspired by the traditional London phone booth. Sure to be a conversation piece, its retro vibe will create a bold statement wherever you need extra storage. At AFA Stores.


Width: 32 in
Height: 27 in
Depth: 20 in

Crafted of Flat Cut Walnut Veneers in a medium wood finish, they have cubby-like shelves and create a custom built-in cabinetry look. With a craftsman flair, these hard-working configurable adjustable wood shelves with finished backs can be bunched with other 1650 Elon Office items or used as a desk base. Can be bunched with other Elon office items or used as a desk base. At AFA Stores.


Width: 36 in
Height: 72 in
Depth: 20 in

You’re sure to love how its hand-applied, multi-step finish in Siltstone captures the beauty of the great outdoors in shades of slate, charcoal and sand while iron-inspired accents lend visual character. Its four open display shelves are ideal for storing books and showcasing your favorite decorative accessories. A lower storage drawer is ideal for office supplies and containing clutter. Buy it from AFA Stores.

How can one search for shelves by size?

Finding shelves in search engines on the web by size is difficult as search engines are best at finding words only. Also, when searching for shelves to fit a given space, a bit shallower items would also fit. Even if some websites allow searching for shelves by measurements, searching many shops at the same time needs a different solution. Furniture Ferret to the rescue! Our systems scour many websites on the Internet and index tens of thousands of items to let you get the one that fits perfectly.

Width: 22.5 in
Height: 76 in
Depth: 22.5 in

Allow your books to climb their way toward your ceiling with this Crestview Collection Darby Spiral Staircase Metal and Wood Display Piece, finished in light brown and black fir wood. For a moment it might be taken for a full-size spiral staircase, but after you've placed your favorite books, a few framed photos, and a plant or two on the ascending shelves, you'll realize how you needed this... Buy from AFA Stores.

Questions and answers

How do I find the cheapest 24 inch deep shelves on Furniture Ferret?

On the search pages one can choose to order the results by price (lowest or highest first), or relevance. Click on the button just above the first item, after "Order by", to change how the results are ordered. Sorting by relevance will show the shelves at the top that contains most of the search terms, while sorting by price shows the cheapest or most expensive shelves first. You can set the ordering to "Price: low to high" to see the cheapest 24 inch deep shelves on Furniture Ferret.

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